Simple Guidance For You In Best ACH Payment Companies

Best ACH Payment Companies: What Your Business Should Know

The  ACH SMS   [Automated Clearing House] Network allows for electronic debiting [and crediting] of checking and savings accounts. The network currently operates in the US and Puerto Rico.

The best ACH Payment Companies will offer the following:

Simple Guidance For You In Best ACH Payment Companies
  • High Risk ACH Solution for businesses more at risk for chargebacks
  • An ACH Virtual Terminal that will allow you schedule recurring ACH payments as well as one-time payments via phone. Ability to edit future payment dates and $ amounts
  • Automated NSF handling for rejected ACH transactions. You can resubmit non-sufficient funds transactions automatically with  varying rule set eg Retry debit first Friday am after reject
  • A secure ACH Website Payment Collection page. Customize logo, colors etc and collect desired customer payment data
  • Secure data handling and ACH tokenization for recurring payments
  • Ability to forecast cash flow for future months
  • An ACH Integration API that makes automated payment collection and reconciliation simple.
  • Fantastic customer support. The best ACH companies know that payment collection is vitally important to businesses. When your money is one the line you expect prompt, professional support
  • Reasonable fees. You should pay no more than  50 cents per transaction and no percents unless high risk business
  • Automated email receipts that offer customization for each customer as well as providing the ability to promote new products/services

The best ACH processors and ACH Payment Companies are always looking to make product improvements. Account verification is one. You can now ascertain if the check writer has a valid account with money in it before you take payment.We are also read for How to Know When to Expand Your Dental Practice

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