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Factors to Consider Before Renting Halls for an Event

When organizing an event, you’re faced with many decisions to make. Finding a venue is one decision that plays a vital role in your event. It is pertinent that you rent a hall that meets your requirements ranging from the date, catering services on the ground, and one that ensures your attendees’ pleasant experience.

Does this sound daunting to you? Don’t feel that way. We’ve collated essential factors associated with hall rentals in West Chester PA. Putting all these factors into consideration ensures that you make the right choice when renting a hall. They include:


Location is crucial to the success of any event. For local events, choose a venue that is of reasonable distance from guests/attendees’ homes. If you have guests traveling in from out of town, a venue close to an airport and hotel would be highly beneficial.

In whatever case, make sure you consider the traffic, transportation, and parking systems on the ground. Before an event occurs, make sure you get an official contract to avoid your hall being changed last-minute.

Providing guests with a mobile event app is essentially the standard these days. With services like GPS maps, driving guides, and parking information easily accessible, attendees are relieved knowing they can easily navigate their way to the event location without much hassle.


Parking is a crucial factor when making that event venue choice. Does the venue come with parking? If not, are there parking lots next to it? On rare occasions where parking is unavailable, there are alternatives, including:

  • Reserving parking lots for your attendees and deciding to either bear the cost yourself or have your guests pay when parking
  • Negotiating with car-hailing services like Uber or Taxify for your event. That way, you get discounts and distribute promo codes to your attendees’
  • Providing cab sharing services for guests, thereby promoting social interactions amongst different guests while in transit
  • Providing guests with valet parking for upscale events such as fundraisers


Creating the perfect atmosphere that appeals to your guests is essential. With designs and decoration being expensive these days, finding a venue that aligns with your event’s theme is crucial.

Size and Capacity

Every hall has a maximum seating capacity. Before sending out invitations to guests, make sure the number of people on your guest list properly accentuates the hall’s capacity.


Insurance is one essential factor when it comes to hall rentals in West Chester, PA. Some venues won’t do business with you if you don’t have the necessary insurance. Having conversations with the venue bordering on the type of insurance needed and who has to provide it is non-negotiable.


Everything boils down to cost. Before your event, research various venues and their cost. Also, try planning as far as possible to get favorable reservation rates.


Making decisions bothering on hall rentals in West Chester, PA, are never easy. When choosing an event venue, considering all the above factors ensures that you make the right choice that serves all your needs.

How to Know When to Expand Your Dental Practice

So, you’ve ended up establishing yourself in your locality, and things are going smoothly; you’ve got a broad base of dedicated patients. Besides, your practice has one of the best sets of the latest equipment around, including top-notch X-ray machines, lots of dental care sets, etc. Your phone’s always filled with appointment calls and texts, and your financial books are highly balanced, showing that you’ve got more than enough.

The above is evidence of flourishing practices, and one of the things any dentist who has that would be thinking about is expanding their services and business. If your thoughts go along this line, you might want to call on a dental associate accountant in Chicago to guide you through the process and the financial and logistical implications of an expansion.

However, before you do that, you have to be 101% sure your practice meets the criteria required to take such a big step. If it meets any of the requirements below, then you can go ahead.

1.  Your Practice Is Constantly Bringing in New Patients

To even contemplate expansion, there must be an in-flow of a new stream of patients every month, I addition to your current crop. A minimum of ten new patients has to sign up with your practice before you can think of taking a significant step like expansion.

However, while you work on meeting your new patient target every month, don’t make the mistake of shunning current ones. It would help if you continued to offer them the excellent dental care they’ve been getting. Don’t sacrifice them for the new ones you’re bringing; if you have to bring on another dentist to make things work smoothly, then don’t hesitate to do so.

2.  You Have a Solid Marketing Strategy in Place

A solid marketing plan is a catalyst for business growth; it puts you in a better place than your competitors. While your practice might have garnered lots of attention and patronage over the years, you can’t rely solely on that to make expansion decisions; you need to do more. It would help if you had a viable, fool-proof marketing strategy that will place you above the competition, such that when you finally expand, it’ll cater to customer attraction needs.

Create an excellent marketing model as online ratings go a long way in shaping patients’ decisions on which practices to patronize. Also, invest heavily in reputation management as it’s an integral part of your services’ marketing.

3.  If There’re Unexplored Profitable Opportunities

No matter how much you’re generating, the truth is that you need more revenue. It doesn’t hurt to have several income streams. Even if you’re running a financially healthy practice, according to your dental associate accountant Chicago, but you discover that there’s a new market that has the potential to become a significant income stream, you should consider going for it.

Doing this, however, requires you to work in collaboration with your marketing team to ensure it’s a viable venture.

4.  You’ve Got the Resources to Bring on New People and Train Them.

Expanding means more work, additional equipment, and new hires; all these don’t come cheap. Before you start planning to grow your practice, you must have checked your financial books, work schedule, etc., and sure that you have enough resources to accommodate the new improvement. You don’t want to start expansion procedures and stop midway; that’d make you look bad.

You’ll do well to consult your dental associate accountant in Chicago to check your financials. Also, ensure you’ve got enough time on your hands to oversee things. You want to ensure things kick off on a good note.

What Amenities Does North Carolina Offer to Families?

People trying to find great homes for sale Topsail NC will often be wondering what life will be like in their target destination before buying a home. North Carolina is one of the USA’s best-kept secrets. Below, the folks from Homes by Kelli will break down some of the top amenities that this state can offer you as a family. If you are looking for a great place to raise a family, North Carolina might just be the best place to go!

1. Large Houses & Backyards

As somebody trying to raise a family, one of your top concerns is having enough space. Of course, moving to a big city will often be difficult for families since they have more high-density housing than homes with backyards, 2-stories, and so on. Here in North Carolina, you will find lots of great potential homes with plenty of space for raising a family comfortably.

2. Affordable Housing

In addition to having plenty of homes on site, the price of the homes is often very important. Here in North Carolina, we are not one of the most expensive real estate markets in the USA by any means. Therefore, if you want to get a great deal on a home in the USA, this is a great place to look! With affordable housing also comes the opportunity to get more amenities in your new home for a lower cost!

3. Military Bases for Service Members

One of the common reasons that people will move to North Carolina is due to a military relocation or to join a branch of the USA Armed Forces.  If you want a great place to raise a family while doing service, North Carolina has proven to be a great place for this. With several bases across the state and affordable housing nearby, this is a great place to serve our country!

4. Big City, Suburban, & Small-Town Life

If you get one of the homes for sale in Topsail NC you will be able to live right off the beach in a small town just under 30,000 people! However, if you want to live in a big city you can also consider moving over to Charlotte. Realistically, we have everything that there is to offer here in North Carolina when it comes to the type of city you expect.

5. Friendly Culture & Family Friendly Atmosphere

As a family, you don’t want to move to a state that is dangerous and/or would potentially expose your children to violent crime, drugs, gangs, and so on. Here in North Carolina, we are one of the safest states in the USA. We are consistently ranked near the middle-bottom of rankings across the USA when it comes to crime rates.

Want to Shop for Homes in North Carolina?

If you want to shop through the homes for sale Topsail NC then you should consider doing so with Homes by Kelli. This is a marketplace dedicated solely to homes available in North Carolina. For those seeking a great deal on homes and an easy moving process, be sure to check out this platform!

What Really Is An Armored Truck?

Armored Vehicle Ratings – What do armor ratings mean?

Are you considering utilizing an armored vehicle? Perhaps you are heading to an area of increased risk and want to understand more about Armored Vehicle Hire, or are considering armored vehicle UK.

There are two main primary standards used to rate armor – The NIJ and the EN standard.

The NIJ (the U.S body) is considered the world leader for ballistic testing for armor, they perform a full range of tests and provide details of the results in their armor standards. These show the range of protection offered by the different pieces of armor tested, from low powered hand guns, up to armor piercing rifle rounds. They provide 8 classifications of protection known as threat levels which are Class I, IIA, II, IIIA, III, IV, V & VI.

armored vehicle uk

In other regions, predominantly Europe they are typically rated as levels B1-B7 using the Standard EN1063 scale. Both scales are similar in how they rate protection. Armor is typically tested at ranges from 5 meters to 15 meters, depending upon the class/rating and weapon. The class most likely to be found utilized and available on LATAM armored vehicles for rent is Class NIJ IIIA/ and EN standard B4. This will defeat .44 Magnum rounds, 9mm, 12 gauge shotguns and lesser threats.

Higher rated armor is available though always at a premium and is often dedicated to those at an increased level of risk. Class NIJ III/B5 is capable of defeating 7.62 rounds from a Kalishnikov rifle at 5 meters. The ratings then go up to counter significant caliber threats. At the B6/NIJ IV level and above the armor is designed to stop multiple 7.62 up to 30.06 AP (Armor Piercing) and Penetrator rounds and are also resistant to explosions.

How to be a Leader in a Restaurant

financial planning firms

It’s just not enough to have a trendy restaurant or delicious food. The viability of your dream and passion hinges on the execution of ideas. Ideas about how staff will greet customers, how the entrees will be plated, and the culture that will be embraced. And it’s this execution – or lack thereof – that separates the thriving restaurateurs from the mediocre ones. But proper execution requires one more thing: leadership.

Restaurateurs may fill the leadership role themselves or they may seek out and hire those who are better-equipped. Either way, having a great coach and leader working with the team you build will make all the difference in reaching your ultimate long-term goals.

So, what skills or traits should leaders bring to the table?

Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is tricky. It requires practice, patience, and prioritizing – all of which take time and energy. But when leaders prioritize its importance, amazing results abound. Whether it’s simply verbally thanking your hostess for staying late last night or personally checking in with each staff member about the most recent menu change, the positive transformation that often takes place is astounding. In the same way that like breeds like, a leader’s knack for communicating with staff will breed more open communication and positivity within the walls of your establishment. And naturally, that overflows to your customers as well.


Improve Everyday

One potential pitfall that threatens every leader is complacency. If you opt out of learning, it seriously stunts your ability to grow – both in your role as a leader and as a fellow human. And by proxy, your staff can easily take on the same lackadaisical mentality. So instead, successful leaders set an example by seeking to improve when and where they can. They acknowledge their successes, of course, but find their time is better spent focusing on how they can be better. By setting the example, that mindset can trickle-down to your staff as well.

Teach and Coach

Leaders’ roles are really two-fold: teaching and coaching. The saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is a worthy reminder and motivator. Here’s another place where putting in the time pays dividends. You can give a new chef your recipes and have him learn by trial and error, with no additional coaching. The chef will probably eventually learn the ins and outs of the dishes, but it will be a rough, frustrating process. Or a leader can provide the recipes and walk the chef through each dish. Plus, be available for questions and feedback going forward. The benefits to this approach are many; mutual trust and respect are fostered between leaders and staff, and staff are given the tools and information they need to be successful.

Solve Problems

Great leaders are also great problem-solvers. They can remain impartial, listen to both (or all) sides of a story, and have the confidence to take action when needed. While it’s crucial to identify the actual problem(s) that might be hindering your restaurant’s success, it really has to go beyond that. Relying on feedback and assistance from team members is important too. Leaders know that enlisting the help of staff and working together to solve a problem is much more effective than doing so solo.

Build Great Relationships

Leaders have the opportunity to make each interaction count. Every day brings the chance to build bigger, better, and stronger relationships. And that’s not limited to just your staff. It overflows into working with management, vendors, and of course, your customers. When leaders truly care about their staff and make an effort to express that, it sends a powerful, positive message. And one that won’t quickly be forgotten either.

Take Risks

Taking risks can be scary. But, leaders know that with risk comes reward. And the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. For example, in the restaurant industry, there’s a phenomenon of the “jinxed” location. That is, some think that a restaurant will fail if it rents a location that once housed a failed restaurant. Burgatory, a burger bar located in Philadelphia, took a risk and rented a building that had previously seen four restaurants come and go. And their first week in business ended up setting records! They wouldn’t have seen such tremendous success if they hadn’t pushed the fear aside and taken a risk.

Make Decisions

Leaders are decision-makers. Sometimes those may be quick, easy decisions and sometimes a lengthy look at the pros and cons is necessary. But a “can do” attitude can make a world of difference – and make the impossible happen! By focusing on the end goal, and not getting bogged down by the elements out of your control, leaders find that the world really is their oyster. It sounds silly, but that simple shift in mind and attitude can move mountains. And here’s a little reminder about why decisions need to be made, even if it ends up not being the right one:

  • The best thing a leader can do is make the right decision.
  • The next best thing a leader can do is make the wrong decision.
  • The worst thing a leader can do is to do nothing.

Adapt Their Style

A true leader adapts their style as needed, whether that’s to a person or a situation. Just as servers do with customers at a table – no two customers are the same, right? – the same holds true for leading people. What motivates one person, doesn’t necessarily motivate the next, so adjusting your approach and leadership style is key. Leaders are able to:

  • See perspectives other than their own
  • Master reading people as well as a scenario
  • Quickly recognize that a different style is needed and act accordingly

Lead by Example

Successful leaders understand that their words and actions should be in sync. And they’re not afraid to get in the trenches and work side by side with their staff. In fact, that’s the best tactic to use. By committing to a hands-on approach, leaders gain credibility and respect. They may work various positions within the restaurant from time to time, so they can see first-hand what their staff is going through. Plus, it provides an opportunity to influence and connect on a deeper level with your staff. Team members will know that you have their best interest at heart, and they appreciate your willingness to see – and experience – things from their side.


The traits discussed so far are definitely important for the leaders in your restaurant. But perhaps the greatest opportunity for a leader to lead effectively lies in their ability to inspire those around them. Luckily, each trait below offers the chance to influence and inspire, both those in your circle and beyond.

  • Communicate Effectively
  • Teach and Coach
  • Solve Problems
  • Improve Everyday
  • Take Risks
  • Build Great Relationships
  • Make Decisions
  • Adapt Their Style
  • Lead by Example

I truly believe great leaders can impact the lives of so many people.

“To the world you may just be one person,but to that one person you may just be the world.”   ~ Bill Wilson

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A New Thought Process – Travel Security

At Explore Secure® the travel safety training arm of ETS Risk Management Inc we are dedicated to improving traveler safety and strongly advocate that all travelers – especially young or solo travelers, or people visiting higher risk environments consider how best to respond should a difficult situation emerge. This can be challenging – and making decisions when under pressure is never easy

When traveling, or in a new or changing environment it is important to maintain awareness of your surroundings, the people around you, using all your senses and judgment to assess the immediate space around you – this is called situational awareness. This deliberate means of keeping track of your surroundings allows you to notice any changes from the normal which may potentially impact on your safety and security. The term situational awareness and how to improve it, train it and utilize it are discussed throughout the training courses we deliver. But what happens if an incident occurs that may catch you unawares, or was unavoidable – how to best react? Explore Secure® have designed an easy to remember thought process that will help guide you.

To that end – we have devised a deliberate set of steps to take to aid this process. Put simply – “think oh CRAP™” Should you find yourself in a situation which is uncomfortable or with the potential to deteriorate – or simply something doesn’t feel right remember CRAP:


Keep calm, maintain composure and awareness of what is going on around you. Don’t Panic. Panicking is the worst and most unproductive thing to do. This is much easier said than done, but just the process of thinking to yourself CRAP and focusing on being calm will help you keep a clear head and make better decisions.

Rapid Assessment

Then make a rapid assessment of your situation. What is the threat, what could do you harm, what is available to assist you, or can you extract from the situation? Just a few seconds spent on coming up with a plan rather than running blindly or reacting wildly will significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome.


Having made the assessment make a pro-active decision, on your terms, of what to do. Thus allowing you to take the initiative and not have to react to what may be developing in front of you. An old saying goes – any decision is better than no decision. This is often true, especially if you have made a calm, and rapid assessment of the threat/snow you have to be pro-active, hopefully removing yourself from the threat/situation early to avoid the danger.

Use Crap

It’s easy to remember and can help guide you through the immediate decision-making process to remain safe in a difficult situation. Panicking never helps – and rushed decisions without assessing the situation can actually make things worse….so think CRAP and stay Safe.

Our Online Travel Security Services Briefings cover this in more detail and look at several scenarios and examples of how best to adopt this proactive approach to travel safety – learn more. At Explore Secure® we are dedicated to broadening the discussion on travel safety for all travelers across the globe. We have developed our briefings and guidance based upon years of travel safety experience and engaging with leading security professionals, overseas embassies and consulates, and of course – the travelers themselves. We are firm believers that by taking sensible measures in both plannings prior to travel and also the approach is taken when traveling can exponentially increase your personal safety – and in turn, contribute to a hugely rewarding travel experience. Explore the world and enjoy your travels – always consider your personal security and return home safely to share your experiences.

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