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Golf Handicap Card: Need and Method of Acquiring

Golf Handicap Card Need and Method of Acquiring

A golf handicap reflects the ability of a beginner to play the game of golf, or in other words, it is the average number of strokes a golfer is expected to score over the course of around.

What is a Golf Handicap Card?

A golf handicap card online is a card/document issued by a golfing association to reflect the ability or skills of a player to play golf. The card contains a real handicap, name, player’s handicap, and club information. This card is quintessential for verifying that the player is capable of playing golf at a certain level.

Why do you need a Golf Handicap Card?

Handicap Card  Need and Method of Acquiring

Some of the reasons you need a golf handicap card are:

  1. Permits you to participate in various formats fairly: Your Handicap Index lets players of varying skills compete on an equal footing, whether you’re playing match play or stroke play, Stableford or Four-Ball.
  2. Tracking your Progress: Your handicap will show your previous scores, while your index will measure your potential. Setting objectives for oneself becomes easier as a result of this. It encourages you to strive to improve your skills and performance with each game while simultaneously recording and tracking your scores.
  3. Encourages your performance: You will be inspired to keep improving since an indicator will monitor your progress. It might assist you in making comparisons with other golfers. As a result, a competitive spirit is likely to emerge.

How to get a Golf Handicap Card Online?

Below-mentioned is the steps to get a golf handicap card online:

  1. Join a USGA-accredited club that provides handicapping services. Ensure that the club adheres to the basic requirements of games and has a minimum of 10 members in the club. 
  2. For qualifying for a USGA handicap, you must first register and pay the applicable local fees and handicap dues.
  3. You become a member by registering and paying a membership fee at one of the thousands of golf clubs recognized by the USGA. Once you join a club, you will be given your ID and password when you join a participating club.
  4. By uploading each scorecard into the handicapping system, take notice of your gross score per round you finish and track your progress. 
  5. Finish five rounds and get your first handicap index from the club. This is the minimum threshold of rounds the USGA requires to receive a handicapping index. After a revision date, the club will assign you a handicap index.
  6. You would be required to enter the results after completing each of your rounds. 
  7. Confirm the minimum number of club tournaments required to be eligible for a USGA handicap card.


It is super cheap and affordable to acquire to golf handicap card online. They are essential to play in most of the tournaments and are also easy to track your progress.