The Direct Mail Marketing verse Social Media Sites, which is the right one to use?

The life blood to any business is lead generation. But how you generate those leads is the question each business owner should be asking themselves before spending a dime. Let’s assume you have just opened a new fitness studio and you specialize in sports fitness; that is the product you are offering. What approach should you take in lead generation for your offering? To answer that question you need to determine who your market is.

Important Questions – you must ask about your market

    • Where do they live?
    • What are their ages?
    • What is their gender?
    • What is their income?
    • Where will you find them?
    • Why would they want what you offer?

Marketing for Gyms -Example

    • Studies show that your clients will travel approximately within 3-5 miles of your locations.
    • Sport clients will generally be between 16-25 yrs. old
    • They will be 60% male
    • They (or their parents, actually) will be in the upper income bracket ($100K)
    • You will definitely find them in schools, colleges, on social sites, craigslist, and through their parents who will be funding their activities.
    • Only you can answer this. But in a nutshell determine what makes your different from your competition or commonly called USP (unique sell point).

Marketing for Gyms Solutions – Automatic Marketing Systems

Leverage your knowledge and time, using effective marketing for gyms automated services. For much less money than you can do for yourself too. They will promote your product or services while you are working and when you sleep, the job gets done. Focus on your business and profits. More leads equal more sales equals more profits and time for you. Find a provider that can address the niche market you are working in. Make sure they have a successful track record, check references.

Common pitfalls

Many fitness owners waste a fortune on ineffective and costly advertising with direct mail marketing. Advertising can be a component of your attraction strategy. It can also be fatal if you waste valuable monies (and potential profit) on the typical, expensive, ineffective, stone aged advertising myths that worked 25 years ago.

Direct mail marketing is one avenue that a lot of new businesses utilize because they see others using it. Direct mail marketing is generally made up of a post card and a letter campaign mailed via snail mail, and is now commonly known as “junk mail”. To implement a direct mail campaign you will purchase a list of leads within the demographics that you have determined from your questions and answers. You will then schedule your campaign out over the course of months, because it generally will take upward of seven times of someone seeing your marketing piece before they will respond.

Direct mail marketing can be effective; however it can also be very expensive. So you ask yourself, ‘is there a less expensive more affordable alternative to the expensive direct mail marketing. One of the best alternative marketing sources that would be more effective with this youth market and much more affordable is the use of the social media sites like; My Space, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are also some new text marketing services available for just pennies.

Unfortunately, many owners set up one site and post to it weekly and wonder why it is not working. To really make a splash in the social sites it takes consistently posting exciting relevant content to multiple sites. There are numerous social sites available so use as many as you can and post as often as you can; businesses using Twitter will tweet numerous time per day. The key with socials sites is, it is free marketing so you are spending time instead of money.

To really have your marketing for gyms take off, be sure to visit, to find the best methods available to help your Lead Generation efforts today!

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