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Educational Gadgets and Gifts to Put Under the Christmas Tree

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Before you can even finish digesting your Thanksgiving meal, the hectic holiday shopping sprees begin! One of the best ways to ensure smooth shopping experiences is to have a list and sticking to it! Here to help you out, the after school programs austin Team has put together a quick coding themed holiday gift guide! From programmable robots to project kits, our quick list of coding themed gadgets and toys features gifts that are as educational as they are entertaining!


Learn to program a light-up, rolling spherical robot! Sphero is great for introducing kids to programming logic like loops and conditional statements. It serves as a tool to help transition from block programming to Javascript text. Eventually, kids can incorporate more complex maths and functions in their programs. We love using Spheros here at Launch!

Makey Makey Invention Kit

With a Makey Makey Invention Kit, children can turn everyday objects into touchpads to then be programmed with the internet, expanding the possibilities for practicing art or engineering. With the Makey Makey, you can use things like play dough, bananas, and even pennies to turn them in to a controller for your video games! With this cool gadget, your kid can use their creativity to and turn ordinary things to an invention of their own using alligator clips.

Open a Coding School where kids gain life changing skills at the world’s largest The Code Galaxy kids coding franchise in Texas.

JJRC R6 Intelligent Programmable RC Robot

Use this fun robot to program it to solve mazes, display different movements, and have it dance to some music! It has built in LED lights and movements that make the robot come to life! Your children will love to create mazes and have the robot come to life by solving their own obstacles!

Best of all, through the end of the year at Launch, everyone who registers for a free trial class at Launch can claim their own JJRC R6 Intelligent Programmable RC Robot for their child. Just schedule your class here and use promo code ROBO at the bottom of the form!

Piper Computer Kit – Minecraft

With the Piper Computer Kit, you can build your own computer from scratch! The Kit’s instructions shows your, step by step, how to build a whole computer, physical controls and all. “The Piper computer kit is an exciting and educational gift for kids of all ages and experience levels. No technical experience is required to begin to build or play”. “Learn about technology while having fun! Replace touch-screen, video-games, puzzles and apps with healthy, educational, hands-on construction and discovery”.


Get your hands on a Bit and your child will use their creativity to create race tracks using a marker, and coding skills to help guide the robot along the path! This robots comes with stickers and color code markers to make coding a robot fun and interactive! Get your kid excited to draw race tracks for their robots by putting this gadget under the tree!