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Laravel is among the most popular PHP frameworks. PHP Laravel is preferred by the best Laravel developers for being a feature-packed and a standardized platform. High performing web applications are created over Laravel.

A reputed Laravel development agency is best placed to deliver the desired outcomes in terms of Laravel development. You can hire Laravel development agency from them for building web apps that meet and supersede your expectations.


Laravel commands a strong market share among websites and apps built over PHP, and nearly 26% of the aforementioned are created over Laravel. The next in line is Phalcon, which has a market share of a distant, nearly 17%.

With the well-fabricated toolbox that Laravel makes available, a Laravel application development company is empowered to write an application using lesser code. The odds of making errors are hence mitigated, and the applications deliver value to clients.

In little time following its launch, Laravel rose to become the most preferred PHP framework. Troubleshooting is simplified in Laravel, with clear conventions for problem-solving. Convenient shortcuts further make Laravel easy to use. The demand for Laravel developers and Laravel development agency India is hence at an all-time high.

Laravel’s template engine is highly commendable. The lightweight, inbuilt templates are useful for creating the state of the art layouts. They use dynamic content seeding. Multiple widgets incorporate JS and CSS codes with solid structures.

Artisan is another nice feature of PHP Laravel. It is a built-in tool for the command line that significantly reduces repetitiveness in programming, and simplifies it. Artisan can further be utilized for creating a database structure or a skeleton code and makes database systems easier to use.

The laravel migration system helps expand the database structure. The need to recreate it each time a developer wants to introduce a change is done away with. This mitigates the odds of losing data.

With Eloquent ORM (Object Relation Mapping) offered by Laravel, which also includes a PHP active record implementation, web app developers issue queries over PHP syntax rather than SQL code. The Laravel ORM is quicker than all other PHP frameworks.

Object-oriented libraries in Laravel, along with its other pre-installed libraries are another important factor that accounts for PHP Laravel’s popularity. Authentication library is an important pre-installed library in Laravel. It is easy to implement and has a range of important features, such a password reset and CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection.

Laravel is divided into modules. The modules adopt modern PHP principles and enable developers to create web apps that are handy, responsive, and modular.

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