JDL36200 Circuit Breaker by Epandc

JDL36200 is a spectra RMS Molded case circuit breakers that have digital and solid state, RMS sensing trip system. These circuit breakers can also installable in the field with front-mounted rating plugs for establishing or changing the breaker ampere ratings. JDL36200 Circuit breakers are available for following amperes (SE150, SF250, SG600 and SK1200). JDL36200circuit breakers are adjustable with an instantaneous tracking short-time on all sorts of frames. The trip unit of JDL36200 Circuit breakers has a digital sampling to determine the RMS value of sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal currents.

JDL36200spectra RMS mold case circuit breakers with MicroEntelliGuard trip units are available in (SG600 and SK1200). MicroEntelliGuard is the latest trip units which are available in the Spectra line molded case circuit breakers.

MicroEntelliGuard is the improved version of EntelliGuard platform; this trip unit delivers enhanced system protection and coordination along with metering and communication options that are required for the application. The major features of Micro Entelli Guard system are:

  • These circuit breakers are adjustable for both Long-Time and Short-Time.
  • These circuit breakers are available with both Ground Fault and Ground Fault Alarm.
  • These circuit breakers provide options for metering basic and advance.
  • It provides protective relay options, Neutral Protection, waveform capture, RELT, Zone Selective Interlock.
  • These circuit breakers also offer direct Modbus communications.

Rest of the features of JDL36200 circuit breakers that helps in enhancing system protection are a long-time thermal memory, trip indication, programmable output contacts, and an LED ″Health″ status indicator.

There is an only difference of (25.5x sensor) between the Extended Instantaneous selective model of SK1200 along with MicroEntelliGuard and standard MicroEntelliGuard circuit breakers, the rest of features of both are the same.

Features and Benefits of JDL36200

  • JDL36200circuit breakers have a solid state Trip system.
    • These circuit breakers ar Accurate in Sensing.
    • These circuit breakers are Ambient Insensitive.
    • Protective Relays are available in such type of circuit breakers.
    • These circuit breakers are capable of Communication & Power Management.
  • JDL36200circuit breakers are capable of Interrupt ratings up to 100kAIC @ 480Vac.
  • JDL36200circuit breakers are capable to Reduced Energy Let-Through available for enhanced protection.
  • If we see from selectivity perspective ZSI (ST/GF/INST) are available for that.
  • In JDL36200circuit breakers, Interchangeable Rating Plugs are available for quick LT rating change.
  • JDL36200circuit breakers are HACR rated.
  • In FXD63B175 circuit breakers, 100 % continuous rating is available.
  • These circuit breakers are symmetrical designed; top or bottom mounting is not required in it.
  • JDL36200circuit breakers are Wide and easy to install.
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