Hartford Athletics Plaza Infield Tickets

Hartford Athletics Plaza Infield seats are placed in the best locations on the 200 level of Hartford Coliseum. The Hartford Coliseum seating chart shows the Athletics Plaza Infield seats surrounding the infield with the exception of the three sections of Athletics Plaza Club seats in front of the Westside Club.

Hartford Athletics Plaza Infield seats are in sections numbered 210, 211, and 215 through 224. Athletics Plaza Infield seats are positioned in the best locations throughout the ballpark to give fans an ideal view of the game from the second level. With gradually sloping sections in the Athletics Plaza Infield, seats further back in each section are easily obstructed by tall fans sitting in the front rows. First row seats are worth a substantial premium as they provide unobstructed views and slightly more leg room. Athletics Plaza Infield seats behind home plate offer a better perspective on each pitch while the sections towards the outfield are easier to obtain for most games.


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Athletics Plaza Infield tickets are the most expensive option on the third level of the ballpark due to their location close to home plate. Since the best seats throughout the Athletics Plaza Infield section are sold on a season ticket basis, secondary market ticket brokers and xlcentertickets.info websites are the best place to buy great Athletics Plaza Infield tickets near the front row of each section. Look for the price of A’s tickets first, then shop XL Center Tickets websites to find the best deals on Plaza Infield tickets.

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