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A Beginner’s Guide To Web Application Development

A Beginner's Guide To Web Application Development

Web application development empowers a lot of web-based projects so that, these perform as well as act in the same way as a mobile application. Web apps again have the capability to engage users and prioritize responsive interactions.

But these are still delivered via. the internet over a network. In this detailed guide, we will mainly focus on talking about web applications in detail for your better understanding. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with the discussion:

What Is Referred To As A Web Application?

A web application development is known as an interactive app that is built by leveraging the web development technologies which the users can gain access to from their browser. Another important thing to note is that the web applications have the typical back-end and front-end web development technologies.

In theory, web apps share a close relation with websites and due to this particular reason, web development and web app development share many characteristics.

For example, on the front-end, web application developers make use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Whereas the back end for web applications might utilize the same server-side languages that the developers use for building websites like Python or Ruby.

Pros And Cons Of Web Apps

The process of developing web-based apps is much easy. Businesses can provide their users with interactivity without having to make use of resources and time for building a mobile app. Now, let’s have a closer look at the major benefits of web app development.


You will find that web applications are an efficient alternative for enhancing the user experience. Some of the advantages of web apps include the following:

High Portability

Users can get access to web applications from any device. You can use a web app irrespective of whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Web apps are multi-platform and known for their high portability.

Easier Development

As already mentioned in the above section, web apps are much easier to develop which offers peace of mind to the developers.

More Convenience

What Is Referred To As A Web Application?

Web apps do not require to be downloaded as well as installed. Also, in this case, the users are free from the obligation of constant updates. So, it offers more convenience to the users.


Web app development has certain limitations as well which include the following:

Reduced Speed

The speed of the web apps is a bit slower than an app that is hosted on a local server.

Decreased Access

Web apps typically require internet access for performing well or in a vast majority of the cases, to perform at all. Although this sort of limitation is not seen in the case of progressive web apps. But, you will find that most of the interactive web applications will fail to respond, in case you do not have a web connection.

Limited Functionality

The functionality is again limited in this case as the web apps are not native.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you have good a good insight into web application development.

5 Key Benefits Of Custom Website Development

Custom Websites Development

Are you still confused between custom website development and website designers? There are many out there who get confused Between the roles of a website developer and a website designer. This article will help you clear your confusion. So if you are planning to become a website developer, Calgary, this article will prove to be of great help to you.

Taking the first step, let us clear the difference between a web developer and a web designer so that it’s clear for you to choose the right career for yourself. So let’s just focus on one thing at a time. Firstly starting with the difference between web developer and designer

The Difference Between Website developer and Designer

Website Developer

A website developer Calgary is someone who creates or builds a website using different programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also make use of several other languages and essential tools: text editor, version control system, a command-line interface to build the code of the website which will help in presenting the data. Or simply you can say that they use technical aspects required to build a website

Website Designer

A website designer is someone who focuses on the aesthetic designing of your custom website development by adding graphics, animations, pictures, videos to it. This aesthetic addition gives the visitors to your website a sense of pleasure. You should know that it is not necessary for the website designers to know the working of the code languages as the website developers do.

But yes, they should surely know how to design an aesthetically pleasing as well as a user-friendly website. They make use of graphic designing software which helps them in designing different layouts when constructing the prototypes for the website. Or simply you can say that website designers are the individuals who control the flow of information and are also responsible for the website analytics.

How to select the best Website Developer?

It is crucial to choose the right website developer for your online business or company. Here are a few of the services that should be provided by the website developers you choose. So before you decide on which website developer you should work with, here is what you need to know

  • Creating a user-friendly interface.
  • Providing regular updates and upgrades of the features of the website.
  • Should be helpful in business analytics.
  • It should consist of intuitive navigation with UX design wireframes.
  • It should complement the CMS system to deliver the best websites, and web portals for its customers. 
  • Lastly, it should assure you on the quality front as well that it should have a comprehensive quality management system. This is confirmed by ISO 9001, with a certificate.


Websites Development - Cornerstone Digital

So next time whenever you plan to pick up a career, you know the difference between the two. If not a career at least you know which door to knock on when it comes to designing and creating your website.