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Simple Guidance For You In Best ACH Payment Companies

Best ACH Payment Companies: What Your Business Should Know

The  ACH SMS   [Automated Clearing House] Network allows for electronic debiting [and crediting] of checking and savings accounts. The network currently operates in the US and Puerto Rico.

The best ACH Payment Companies will offer the following:

Simple Guidance For You In Best ACH Payment Companies
  • High Risk ACH Solution for businesses more at risk for chargebacks
  • An ACH Virtual Terminal that will allow you schedule recurring ACH payments as well as one-time payments via phone. Ability to edit future payment dates and $ amounts
  • Automated NSF handling for rejected ACH transactions. You can resubmit non-sufficient funds transactions automatically with  varying rule set eg Retry debit first Friday am after reject
  • A secure ACH Website Payment Collection page. Customize logo, colors etc and collect desired customer payment data
  • Secure data handling and ACH tokenization for recurring payments
  • Ability to forecast cash flow for future months
  • An ACH Integration API that makes automated payment collection and reconciliation simple.
  • Fantastic customer support. The best ACH companies know that payment collection is vitally important to businesses. When your money is one the line you expect prompt, professional support
  • Reasonable fees. You should pay no more than  50 cents per transaction and no percents unless high risk business
  • Automated email receipts that offer customization for each customer as well as providing the ability to promote new products/services

The best ACH processors and ACH Payment Companies are always looking to make product improvements. Account verification is one. You can now ascertain if the check writer has a valid account with money in it before you take payment.We are also read for How to Know When to Expand Your Dental Practice

5 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Payment Facilitation As A Service Provider Search

5 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Payment Facilitation As A Service Provider Search
  • The revenue share is fair. Likely you will start anywhere from 35-50%+ rev share. Remember you are leveraging a platform that has tremendous costs. Instant Bank Account Verification Not just the tech stack but compliance and risk mitigation. Expecting the vast majority is not particularly reasonable. Where you land will be a function of potential payments volume
  • You feel confident that Payment Facilitation as a Service is the right fit for your platform. This primarily comes down to the ONE question: Do you have to have instant onboarding of payment clients? Managed Payment Facilitation That is does removing the friction of any delays provide a competitive advantage to boarding that client
  • Your Payment Facilitation partner has a plan to help with user payment usage adoption. This is by far the single most important driver to financial success. Having a solution for payments is irrelevant. If no one uses that solution your work and effort was wasted
  • Support for your end users has been discussed and you are confident that they will receive prompt, courteous service
  • You understand the platforms role and responsibilities around risk and compliance as well as technology We are also read for Factors to Consider Before Renting Halls for an Event

Contact us today and let’s talk about how payments can help grow your business.

Factors to Consider Before Renting Halls for an Event

When organizing an event, you’re faced with many decisions to make. Finding a venue is one decision that plays a vital role in your event. It is pertinent that you rent a hall that meets your requirements ranging from the date, catering services on the ground, and one that ensures your attendees’ pleasant experience.

Does this sound daunting to you? Don’t feel that way. We’ve collated essential factors associated with hall rentals in West Chester PA. Putting all these factors into consideration ensures that you make the right choice when renting a hall. They include:


Location is crucial to the success of any event. For local events, choose a venue that is of reasonable distance from guests/attendees’ homes. If you have guests traveling in from out of town, a venue close to an airport and hotel would be highly beneficial.

In whatever case, make sure you consider the traffic, transportation, and parking systems on the ground. Before an event occurs, make sure you get an official contract to avoid your hall being changed last-minute.

Providing guests with a mobile event app is essentially the standard these days. With services like GPS maps, driving guides, and parking information easily accessible, attendees are relieved knowing they can easily navigate their way to the event location without much hassle.


Parking is a crucial factor when making that event venue choice. Does the venue come with parking? If not, are there parking lots next to it? On rare occasions where parking is unavailable, there are alternatives, including:

  • Reserving parking lots for your attendees and deciding to either bear the cost yourself or have your guests pay when parking
  • Negotiating with car-hailing services like Uber or Taxify for your event. That way, you get discounts and distribute promo codes to your attendees’
  • Providing cab sharing services for guests, thereby promoting social interactions amongst different guests while in transit
  • Providing guests with valet parking for upscale events such as fundraisers


Creating the perfect atmosphere that appeals to your guests is essential. With designs and decoration being expensive these days, finding a venue that aligns with your event’s theme is crucial.

Size and Capacity

Every hall has a maximum seating capacity. Before sending out invitations to guests, make sure the number of people on your guest list properly accentuates the hall’s capacity.


Insurance is one essential factor when it comes to hall rentals in West Chester, PA. Some venues won’t do business with you if you don’t have the necessary insurance. Having conversations with the venue bordering on the type of insurance needed and who has to provide it is non-negotiable.


Everything boils down to cost. Before your event, research various venues and their cost. Also, try planning as far as possible to get favorable reservation rates.


Making decisions bothering on hall rentals in West Chester, PA, are never easy. When choosing an event venue, considering all the above factors ensures that you make the right choice that serves all your needs.

How to Know When to Expand Your Dental Practice

So, you’ve ended up establishing yourself in your locality, and things are going smoothly; you’ve got a broad base of dedicated patients. Besides, your practice has one of the best sets of the latest equipment around, including top-notch X-ray machines, lots of dental care sets, etc. Your phone’s always filled with appointment calls and texts, and your financial books are highly balanced, showing that you’ve got more than enough.

The above is evidence of flourishing practices, and one of the things any dentist who has that would be thinking about is expanding their services and business. If your thoughts go along this line, you might want to call on a dental associate accountant in Chicago to guide you through the process and the financial and logistical implications of an expansion.

However, before you do that, you have to be 101% sure your practice meets the criteria required to take such a big step. If it meets any of the requirements below, then you can go ahead.

1.  Your Practice Is Constantly Bringing in New Patients

To even contemplate expansion, there must be an in-flow of a new stream of patients every month, I addition to your current crop. A minimum of ten new patients has to sign up with your practice before you can think of taking a significant step like expansion.

However, while you work on meeting your new patient target every month, don’t make the mistake of shunning current ones. It would help if you continued to offer them the excellent dental care they’ve been getting. Don’t sacrifice them for the new ones you’re bringing; if you have to bring on another dentist to make things work smoothly, then don’t hesitate to do so.

2.  You Have a Solid Marketing Strategy in Place

A solid marketing plan is a catalyst for business growth; it puts you in a better place than your competitors. While your practice might have garnered lots of attention and patronage over the years, you can’t rely solely on that to make expansion decisions; you need to do more. It would help if you had a viable, fool-proof marketing strategy that will place you above the competition, such that when you finally expand, it’ll cater to customer attraction needs.

Create an excellent marketing model as online ratings go a long way in shaping patients’ decisions on which practices to patronize. Also, invest heavily in reputation management as it’s an integral part of your services’ marketing.

3.  If There’re Unexplored Profitable Opportunities

No matter how much you’re generating, the truth is that you need more revenue. It doesn’t hurt to have several income streams. Even if you’re running a financially healthy practice, according to your dental associate accountant Chicago, but you discover that there’s a new market that has the potential to become a significant income stream, you should consider going for it.

Doing this, however, requires you to work in collaboration with your marketing team to ensure it’s a viable venture.

4.  You’ve Got the Resources to Bring on New People and Train Them.

Expanding means more work, additional equipment, and new hires; all these don’t come cheap. Before you start planning to grow your practice, you must have checked your financial books, work schedule, etc., and sure that you have enough resources to accommodate the new improvement. You don’t want to start expansion procedures and stop midway; that’d make you look bad.

You’ll do well to consult your dental associate accountant in Chicago to check your financials. Also, ensure you’ve got enough time on your hands to oversee things. You want to ensure things kick off on a good note.

The Difference Between Lean & Six Sigma

online lean six sigma training & certification

Six Sigma vs. Lean: What’s the Controversy? What the Difference?

Many professionals ask “What is Lean?”, some ask “What is Six Sigma?”, and of course still others ask “What is Lean Six Sigma?” As it turns out, Lean and Six Sigma address similar problem spaces but approach them differently. Here is a look at what they are, the difference, the similarities, and the synergies.

The difference between Lean and Six Sigma can be summarized as follows:

Six Sigma = Reduced process variation

Lean = Improved process flow

Let’s take a look at each.

What is “Lean”?

In the practice of “Lean”, the focus is on breaking down processes to the “bare bone essentials”, hence the name “lean”. The Lean approach to waste is that “Non-value added is waste”. Hence, the proactice of Lean has as its central goal to segregate waste from value in processes, and eliminate the waste and non-value added.

The typical method for practicing Lean is to do the following:

  1. Identify Value
  2. Define Value Stream
  3. Determine Flow
  4. Define Pull
  5. Improve Process

The focus of Lean is on Process flow. Tools used for the practice of Lean are oriented to visualization, and include tools like Microsoft Visio.

What is Six Sigma?

In the Six Sigma approach, the view on waste is that “Variation is waste”.

The DMAIC method is used in practicing Six Sigma:

  1. Define
  2. Measure
  3. Analyze
  4. Improve
  5. Control

Six Sigma is a Problem focused methodology, and the primary toolset of Six Sigma is Math and Statistics.

The Conflict Between Lean and Six Sigma

There is a “battle” within the Lean and Six Sigma professional communities among many who think their respective way is better and superior. In general, the Six Sigma side claims to be technically superior and that reducing variation gets to the root of the problem. The Lean side argues that basic flowcharting is more often than not all that is needed to produce high impact improvements.

This all has a “territorial” feel about it among consultants and aficionados of each approach or methodology. However, we know that tools are only a means to and end, and that we need to match the tool to the job. Such arguments and territorialism often arise when professionals are attached to the tool, and in essence are a “solution in search of a problem”, and want to make sure their solution is chosen more often.

Does the Controversy Matter?

Tough times typically mean LEAN times, and these are tough time economically around the world. It seems that under those conditions, it would be more appropriate to focus on the challenge at hand and use the best tool(s) for the job. In my opinion, the controversy matters little.

Six Sigma and Lean go together hand in hand, although they often are differentiated. Despite any distinctions, the two go very well together and complement one another. For example, it could be a very logical approach to focus on Lean to achieve improved process flow, and at the same time develop a deeper understanding of the process. If more work is needed, Six Sigma could be used to reduce process variation. It seems very logical that they can be effectively deployed together.

Advantages To Online Six Sigma Certification

Most companies pay a very high price to hire in-house Six Sigma training for their staff. For people that have access to subsidized training, on the Online Six Sigma certification is best suited.

By shopping carefully, interested parties can purchase on the web certification programs that are the same as or better than any physical training class. These online programs are often very flexible in nature, permitting workers to fit Six Sigma training into a harried schedule.

Although 100 % Six Sigma certification costs money, Six Sigma training can be readily had on the Web. It doesn’t cost a cent to start learning the basics of lean organization principles. While it can often be difficult to sort out industrial promotions from genuinely educational sites, the Internet consists of many free resources for the budding Six Sigma professional. The world of on the web Six Sigma training is as broad as it’s deep, providing Six Sigma training that is specifically to any industry.

During periods of economic crisis, many professionals reflexively turn to education and certification for security. Even though this is typically a wise move, only a couple of certifications offer real and lasting value in the marketplace. Six Sigma certification has proven marketability across a lot of industries, making it the certification preferred by the conscious modern specialist. As time passes, technology which was once considered exciting becomes normal and pedestrian. In our own time, the online world moved from a world-shaking development to a universally accepted tool. Regrettably, far too many businesspeople only make use of the net for communication and networking, while disregarding the broad world of Web certification and training.

As we weather a time period of change and uncertainty, we know more professionals will take advantage of Internet certification, especially Six Sigma certification. With no capability to adapt and change, staff become attentive to the whims and dictates of the market. Six Sigma certification is the key to stability and independence in any market climate.

Powerful Home Remedies for Acne Treatment

Treat Acne At Home Easy

We get it. Quarantine, masks, social distancing, new work related stress will amp your system into overdrive to screw with your hormones and skin pH for new breakouts to appear.  You’ve done the diet modifications, face washes, and topical treatments but your little inflamed ‘friends’ don’t get the hint. It’s time to try something new. You have the problem, we have the solution in how to use ultrasonic face scrubber

Blue LED Blemish stick

Originally LED was invented by NASA to help Astronauts have a leg up in skin healing while in space. The medical community adopted this technique and has spent a lot of lab time studying its effects. The results? An effective add on to skin care routine to treat and prevent mild to moderate acne in 73-98% of studies. The mechanism of action is the specific wavelength that acne causing bacteria are extremely vulnerable to. Our Blemish Stick can be used as a spot treatment or all over face massage to treat and prevent acne. 

LED Gua Sha – it’s LIT

We are all familiar with Gua Sha massage but this smart tool takes it to the next level.  It’s soothing, its effective and it’s LIT! The smart options of vibration heat and Gua Sha & quartz face technique allow the user to adjust it to their liking. Among the many other benefits, the massage helps detoxify the skin, help with lymphatic drainage which has been clinically shown to reduce and prevent acne

Smart Ultrasonic Scrubber + Blue LED

All these tools are for the treatment of mild to moderate acne and can be used in combination of your existing skin tools. Have questions? shoot us an email. 

These statements have not been evaluated by FDA 

Tips for Hiring a Family Lawyer

Hiring The Best Family Lawyer | Arnet Law

Family law deals with matters relating to divorces, child custody, child support, and adoption. Most people agree that these matters are personal. Therefore, any dispute that arises from them can become emotional and sensitive, especially when there’s gross misconduct against one party.

The next thing to consider is the number of paperwork that these cases require you to draft. Then, the more complex the situation gets, the more grueling the experience.

If you’re going through a family dispute, it’s advisable to hire a family lawyer for divorce. Having a lawyer means that you don’t have to go through the legal process alone.

However, how do you get the right family lawyer who has experienced and understands your legal problem? Here are tips on how to hire one of the best family lawyers Norristown PA.

Consider Suggestions

In hiring a family lawyer, it’s helpful to get suggestions from different sources. Some of these sources include:

Other Lawyers

Tips for Hiring a Family Lawyer | Arnet Law

Most lawyers know other lawyers in their legal circle who specialize in family law. If you know or you’ve ever met a lawyer before, you can ask them for recommendations.

Family and Friends

Referrals from family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues who have hired a family lawyer before are ways to find a good lawyer. These people won’t have a personal interest when recommending and will give you a review of the lawyer’s service.

The local bar association in your county or city is also an excellent place to find a lawyer. Also, the Pennsylvania Bar Association has a database of licensed family attorneys.

Online Resources

The internet is a powerful resource where you can find good family lawyers. If all other sources don’t work, you can always do an online search.

Schedule a Consultation

It might not be a great idea to hire a lawyer via phone call or online communication. It’s essential to first meet with a lawyer before hiring them. Some family lawyers offer a free consultation, and you can use this opportunity to discuss your case.

Consider Qualification and Experience

Ensure that the family attorney you hire is experienced and not a novice in family law. Before scheduling a meeting, conduct a background check of the attorney’s credentials and qualifications. When you meet him, you can tell his level of experience in family law from his analysis of your case.

Find Out Their Track Record

During the consultation, find out if the attorney has a history of success in his cases. A successful family lawyer with skills, knowledge, and experience will have more successful cases in his track records. Another way to learn more about an attorney is to request for his references or previous clients. By talking to them, you can determine his success rating

Consider Availability

Hire a suitable family lawyer who’ll be available when you need him. As your case proceeds, you may have questions or gray areas you need to clarify. An unavailable attorney will not put you through or enlighten you on what you should know.


If you’re going through a legal family issue, consider hiring one of the best family lawyers. An attorney will protect your interest, and his input can improve the outcome of your case.

What Amenities Does North Carolina Offer to Families?

People trying to find great homes for sale Topsail NC will often be wondering what life will be like in their target destination before buying a home. North Carolina is one of the USA’s best-kept secrets. Below, the folks from Homes by Kelli will break down some of the top amenities that this state can offer you as a family. If you are looking for a great place to raise a family, North Carolina might just be the best place to go!

1. Large Houses & Backyards

As somebody trying to raise a family, one of your top concerns is having enough space. Of course, moving to a big city will often be difficult for families since they have more high-density housing than homes with backyards, 2-stories, and so on. Here in North Carolina, you will find lots of great potential homes with plenty of space for raising a family comfortably.

2. Affordable Housing

In addition to having plenty of homes on site, the price of the homes is often very important. Here in North Carolina, we are not one of the most expensive real estate markets in the USA by any means. Therefore, if you want to get a great deal on a home in the USA, this is a great place to look! With affordable housing also comes the opportunity to get more amenities in your new home for a lower cost!

3. Military Bases for Service Members

One of the common reasons that people will move to North Carolina is due to a military relocation or to join a branch of the USA Armed Forces.  If you want a great place to raise a family while doing service, North Carolina has proven to be a great place for this. With several bases across the state and affordable housing nearby, this is a great place to serve our country!

4. Big City, Suburban, & Small-Town Life

If you get one of the homes for sale in Topsail NC you will be able to live right off the beach in a small town just under 30,000 people! However, if you want to live in a big city you can also consider moving over to Charlotte. Realistically, we have everything that there is to offer here in North Carolina when it comes to the type of city you expect.

5. Friendly Culture & Family Friendly Atmosphere

As a family, you don’t want to move to a state that is dangerous and/or would potentially expose your children to violent crime, drugs, gangs, and so on. Here in North Carolina, we are one of the safest states in the USA. We are consistently ranked near the middle-bottom of rankings across the USA when it comes to crime rates.

Want to Shop for Homes in North Carolina?

If you want to shop through the homes for sale Topsail NC then you should consider doing so with Homes by Kelli. This is a marketplace dedicated solely to homes available in North Carolina. For those seeking a great deal on homes and an easy moving process, be sure to check out this platform!

Where Is the Highest Demand for Electrical Engineers?

Electrical engineers design, develop, test, supervise and optimize electrical systems and equipment. But there is a lot more to it than that. The electrical engineering field spans industrial and commercial industries as well as academic and scientific arenas. In addition to the flexibility to work in many different sectors, the latest Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS) data predicts steady growth (7 percent through 2026) in demand for electrical engineers.

Electrical Engineer Skills

While there are many GW electrical engineering positions open for people with undergraduate degrees, a Master of Science in electrical engineering provides even greater career opportunities by enhancing key skills and offering practical experience in optimizing electrical systems. Electrical engineers need a wide range of skills to be successful—including knowledge of electrical systems theory and principles, critical thinking, the ability to translate theoretical knowledge into practical application and proficiency in common engineering tools like CAD software and MATLAB.

With GW’s online electrical engineering degree, graduates will have opportunities to develop the expertise they need to push their careers forward today and to adapt to the profession as it advances. Furthermore, all of GW’s online engineering master’s programs include a course in project management, helping graduates better position themselves for leadership roles.

Electrical Engineering: High-Demand Focus Areas

The online electrical engineering program at GW is designed with three focus areas that align with industry demand:

Curious what earning a Master of Science in electrical engineering online can do for you? Check out our infographic below to learn more about the type of work available to master’s graduates, where demand for electrical engineers is highest and some of the latest electrical engineering innovations.

About GW’s Online Master’s Degrees in Engineering

George Washington University offers a comprehensive selection of online master’s in engineering programs. The programs are designed with the same curriculum as the on-campus degrees and with a focus on positioning graduates for career advancement. GW Electrical Engineering offers the following programs in a 100% online format:

  • Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Online Master of Science in Engineering Management
  • Online Master of Science in Systems Engineering
  • Online Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance

5 Tips On Hosting An Unforgettable Movie Night

Hosting a movie night at your RV Park is a fun opportunity to build a positive and memorable experience for your park’s visitors.

Hosting social events at your RV Park is a great way to create a positive experience for your campers, and it often translates to more return visitors and better online ratings and reviews. Besides being a great opportunity to promote your park, if done correctly, hosting social events (like movie nights) can be a fun opportunity to get to know your residents and differentiate your park from the others.

Movie nights are a hit because most campers love to enjoy some leisure time after exploring the outdoors or driving. The challenge: most RV parks also host movie nights, so it’s helpful to find creative ways to make yours unique.

To start, keep these two simple business goals in mind when hosting a movie night:

Your event will create such a positive experience for the campers that they will leave wanting to return soon.

Your event will offer a unique experience that your campers will want to tell their friends about it and recommend your park online.

The second one is especially important because now that we live in the internet age, customer reviews and referrals by word of mouth are key components to driving any business. Having great reviews on sites like Trip Advisor or RoverPass will attract RVers to your park! They both uses campground management software for booking and reserving RV parks and campgrounds so they can get best review.

Lastly, here are some key tips to hosting a successful movie night:

1) Safety First

Nothing is more essential than safety. This includes checking the weather forecast, providing secure wiring for all of your electronic devices, having camp security monitor the area, and making sure all of your equipment is set up properly so nothing falls on to anyone.

2) Provide adequate screen size and sound effects

Ever watched a great movie on a tiny screen? We hope not because it’s not very fun. What you don’t want is a movie night that gets an amazing turnout only to hear complaints from your audience that your screen was too small.

The screen size you should choose depends on the size of your viewing area and the maximum number of campers you’re able to have at your park. Just to be safe, it always helps to go a little larger than what would you’d expect.

Additionally, make sure your speakers are powerful enough so that everyone in the audience, including the people in the back, will be able to hear the movie.

3) Pick an appropriate movie

Choose a movie based on the demographic of your campers. For example, if a lot of your campers are families, it wouldn’t be wise to screen an R-rated film replete with adult language and violence.

Speaking of relevance, show a movie that campers have heard of and they would like to see. If you have a young audience, don’t show a classic from the 1940s. It might be a great movie, but it’s just not relevant to your audience. The campers are more likely to attend your movie night if the movie is something they’ve heard of and fits the time and setting.

A great example is when Alamo Draft house screened Jaws at man-made lake in Texas Ski Ranch (featured below). They even had swimmers sneak up to the tubes and scare the movie viewers for a fun effect.

4) Make the seating more than just comfortable

Most parks put the burden on the campers themselves to bring seating so preparing unique seating is actually a way to differentiate yourself from other RV parks.

A great example of this is how Shooting Star RV Resort features 1960s classic cars as seats for their movies (featured above).

5) Create an elaborate or creative atmosphere

When you walk into a restaurant, you feel the atmosphere of the place before you even catch a glimpse of the food. If you’re not feeling the atmosphere, it’s very likely you’ll decide to leave before even looking at the menu.

If you and another RV park screen the same movie but the other park puts more effort into the setting, their movie night will be more memorable than yours.

Atmosphere is a combination of everything: seating, lighting, decorations, snacks, etc. The atmosphere you create will directly impact the experience of your campers. That experience is the deciding factor whether those campers will ever return to your park or recommend you to their friends.